Flo’s night shift takes an unexpected turn when an incredible responsibility lands in her lap...

Nightshifter is part superhero-fantasy-epic, part tragic insight into the health of humanity. Combining Temper Theatre’s signature fluid muscular movement, fragmented imagery and soul-shakingsoundscapes, Nightshifter attends to a world in desperate need of emergency care. Inspired by hours of conversation with junior doctors, nurses and paramedics, Nightshifter shines a light on our epic capacity to care and reflects on how far our compassion can travel whilst a global crisis rages...

“Nightshifter is at the beginning of it’s journey and I am so excited to open this never before seen stage of the show which was first inspired by my conversations with junior nurses and paramedics working in the NHS and the global humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without borders). We join junior doctor Flo on a never-ending nightshift in an international medical camp. A relentless series of visions and nightmares bombard her and in a haze of exhaustion she’ll try to unravel them and work out where her priorities really lie. Working with a character so full of potential, so overwhelmed by the task at hand but so determined to make the world better has been really inspiring for us and I’m lucky to have met so many real life heroes during the creation of this show. Nightshifter is a reflection of the toxic pressure we put on ourselves every day and a visual commentary of our epic capacity to care.” - Finn Morrell

Cast & creatives

Created by Finn Morrell

Director: Finn Morrell

Composer / Sound Designer: Dom Gowland

Devised and performed by:

Jack Bentinck, Eden Harbud, Lea Oroz, Zoe Villiers, Sam Williams

Developed at:
The Lowry, DANCE EAST, Jacksons Lane, The Robinson Theatre

Supported by Arts Council England

Reviews & press

“It is visually arresting physical theatre, twisting real and unreal, hope and fear. “ -   Edinburgh Guide

★★★★ - Edinburgh Guide

★★★★ - Epigram Bristol


1532 Performing Arts Centre, Bristol

AMATA, Falmouth

The Lowry, Manchester

Arlington Arts Centre, Newbury

Jacksons Lane, London

ZOO Southside, Main House, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Robinson Theatre, Cambridge


Jacksons Lane, London

The Robinson Theatre, Cambridge

Developed at:
The Lowry, DANCE EAST, Jacksons Lane, The Robinson Theatre

Supported by Arts Council England

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