Ru is desperately climbing the corporate ladder, blissfully unaware of where it will lead him. But when the spirits of his ancestors abduct him in a nightclub bathroom, Ru starts to see the world in a whole new way...

Through ensemble movement and fragmented imagery, Temper unleash a world between worlds. Lightning-fast, cinematic-style sequences bound together with fluid, muscular movement, vivid lighting and soul-shaking soundscapes. Temper continue to develop their dynamic, multidisciplinary approach to physical theatre under the direction of Finn Morrell. Following last year’s call to arms about climate change, Temper Theatre return to the Fringe with their debut show about endangered indigenous communities before performing it in Peru.

Artistic director Finn Morrell said, “I have been obsessively making work about climate change, the environment and the clashes between humanity and the natural world for years. Tribe is my way of reaching out to try to better understand my roots in the wider development of our species whilst investigating what I feel about the complete lack of urgency shown by the powers that be. This was the first show I worked on with Temper, the core ideas stem from my curiosity about endangered indigenous communities and my experiences with club culture. The show evolved into an exploration of what it means to feel isolated/confused/lost in the modern world as we follow a young man who learns about his indigenous past. The show became about heritage and the conservation of human connection.”

Cast & creatives

Created by Finn Morrell

Director: Finn Morrell

Composer / Sound designer: Dom Gowland

Designer: Blythe Brett

Devised and performed by: 

Jack Bentinck, Eden Harbud, Phoebe Stapleton, Josh Vaughan, Zoe Villiers, Sam Williams

Developed at:
Cambridge Junction, The Robinson Theatre

Supported by Arts Council England, Teatro Britanico

Proud supporters of Survival International

Reviews & press

‘Captivating, Intense and powerful’   - ThreeWeeks
‘A whirlwind of emotion’   - Voice Magazine  
'Fast-paced, breathtaking exploration of genesis.’   - Broadway Baby

★★★★★ - ThreeWeeks    

★★★★★ - Voice Magazine    

★★★★★ - Broadway Baby  2017

★★★★★ - Broadway Baby  2015

★★★★ - Edfringe Review          

FINALIST Edinburgh Fringe Sustainable Practice Award


Jacksons Lane, London


ZOO Southside, Main House, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Teatro Bristanico, Festival de Fusione Contemporaneas 2017, Lima, Peru


ZOO Southside, Main House, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Robinson Theatre. Cambridge


The Robinson Theatre, Cambridge

Cambridge Junction (scratch)


The Robinson Theatre, Cambridge (scratch) 

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