With 2015 smashing records for the hottest year since reporting began and unprecedented flooding across the UK, Temper Theatre take on one of the most pressing issues of our time in a large-scale show designed to engage audiences with a topic that often seems abstract or distant.


In their return to the main house at ZOO, the company use wind and snow machines, smoke machines, soundscapes, lighting effects and a ten-strong ensemble to create a storm onstage.

Two characters travel through chaotic and destroyed worlds in this visceral tale of love and self-sacrifice during humanity’s final moments. Lightning-fast, cinematic style sequences skilfully bound together with fluid, muscular movement, vivid lighting and soul-shaking soundscapes. Through ensemble movement and fragmented imagery, Temper unleash the storm which will bring about the end of days. 

'Vehement but cogently delivered’  ★★★★ - The Herald

‘This is the story of our time’  ★★★★★ - The Outlier  



Temper Theatre

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